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At Wonderful Tours Zambia, responsible tourism is of high priority to us. In our own way, we strive to work in a sustainable manner where avoidance of the depletion of natural resources is of importance to maintain to contribute towards an ecological balance.

All of our lodges are committed to taking the progressive approach to energy conservation and many are completely self-sufficient, using solar power systems to run their daily operations. We insist on partnering with lodges and suppliers who have invested in water recycling and purification plants in order to reduce the stress that their facility has on the natural water table of the surrounding areas, and eradicate unnecessary plastic waste by including drinking water fountains at all of the accommodation facilities.

All construction is done ethically and wood is largely sourced from local sustainable forests and private farms and estates, as well as deadwood on the property, provides the firewood.

By sourcing local ingredients and produce from the surrounding farms, our partners aid in the empowerment of the adjacent communities of the National Parks. All produce is fed and protected organically, which means no chemical nutrients or pesticides are used in the production of any food and beverages.

Without the pristine environment in which our business functions, providing the level of quality and service that is required for us to be successful would simply not be possible. Therefore, doing everything we can to conserve its natural state is of utmost importance to us.