Lower Zambezi National Park is in southern Zambia, on the Zimbabwean border, which is framed by an escarpment on one side and Zambezi River on the other side overlooking the Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe.

This region offers a diverse safari experience and a rich display of wildlife, including crocodiles, elephants, buffalo, lions, leopards, and a multitude of birdlife species along the banks of the river. The entire region comprises an area that spans 4092 km2, which flows along the northwestern bank of the Zambezi river.

Among the various camps and lodges, the accommodation facilities range from tented camps to luxury accommodation. Some lodges and camps are open throughout the year whilst others operate during the dry season only, as the river swells up in the rainy season from November through April, transforming the area into a fisherman’s paradise.

The distinctive undeveloped character of the Lower Zambezi evokes feelings of a land frozen in time. This is a place where animals walk freely between bush camps without borders. A place to reconnect with the true spirit of Africa and Mother nature.