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Wonderful Tours Zambia is a family-run business that breathes and lives the vibrations of the beautiful country of Zambia.

Wonderful Tours Zambia originated out of a passion to promote Zambia as a tourist destination to the rest of the world.

A one-stop-shop and ground handler, Wonderful Tours Zambia specialises in curating personalized itineraries for a truly bespoke and considered dream safari vacation.

Every lodge has been cherry-picked by our team of experts to ensure you are enveloped in the hospitality of the Zambian people and their diverse culture.

Functioning as travel designers exclusively, our itineraries are completely unbiased to ensure that you, our client always get that tailor-made experience we pride ourselves on.

We are fortunate to call Africa our home and will be thrilled to share the wonders of Zambia with you. Come along and feel the energy of Zambia with us, as words alone cannot justify the beauty within its National Parks, which are home to some of the most diverse and densest collections of wildlife on the planet.